Wednesday, 1 October 2014

'Then came October, full of merry and glee'

I love the change in seasons; a whole new colour palette to work with, new textures and shapes to get excited about and blooms cropping up at the market that I haven't used yet this year. Autumn gives me that excited 'back to school' feeling and I can't help but be attracted to chestnut coloured brogues, cosy check scarves and pinafore dresses.  I start planning seasonal feasts in my head too - warming soups and pies alongside mulled ciders for bonfire night and fireside suppers for the long, cold evenings ahead. Every night I stick my head out the window and breathe in the fresh cool air (ignoring the weird looks from my other half) which I find totally refreshing, and get excited about all the seasonal celebrations to come in this half of 2014.

And of course, the change in flowers. Deep red antique hydrangeas, plump ruby rosehip berries and trailing forest green foliages, alongside fluffy grasses, wheat stems and oats replace the pastel palettes of summer. Let us not forget the wonderfully nostalgic dahlia in bright yellows, oranges and reds too - a real showstopper this time of year.

It has been an unseasonably warm September, which has been a godsend for all my lovely brides - you lucky things! There has been a big and blowsy sunflower wedding, a beautiful photoshoot in both Liverpool and The Lakes, as well as a formal dinner at the Town Hall and lots of seasonal bouquets and vases sent out across the north west. It has been fun, exciting and exhausting, and just as it should be.

Happy autumn... xx

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