Thursday, 20 August 2015

Summer Daze...

I have finally found a moment amidst these mad summer months to share something I have been sitting on for a while. With the brand new website in progress, it seemed the right time to pack the van full of seasonal blooms and spend a few days shooting with the unbelievably talented Katy Lawrence, to really try and capture the essence of Verity & Thyme.

It is no secret I adore the Cornish coast with its wild waves, bountiful hedgerows and sense of seclusion, so shooting flowers on real film with my dear friend Katy for a few sunshine filled days was heaven on earth. Laden with flowers, film and more white dresses than anyone should ever really own, we spent a few beautiful July days jumping in corn fields, scrambling down into secret coves and hiking up heather covered cliff tops for the best views of the sparkling Cornish sea. We returned home each day with more freckles on our noses and salt spray in our hair, choosing homegrown strawberries from down the lane for tea in the garden. It was one of those perfect summer weeks where life seemed to stand still and I had time to fully enjoy how perfect the English summer can be. I picked hydrangeas from the hedgerows (in the most heavenly shade of dusky lilac I have ever met), wild mint growing abundantly from gaps in the stone wall and honeysuckle from the garden to make bouquets for Katy to shoot and I don't think I will ever tire of looking at them on film.

So I leave with you our photos, full of happy summer flowers and perfect Cornish sea and sky. Enjoy...

There are more, but I wish to save a few for a rainy day when a reminder of summer is all we need to lift the spirits.

I can't quite put my finger on why but I feel this summer has slipped by in a heartbeat and although I welcome autumn with arms wide open, I fear I have missed those long sultry summer days this year. Afternoons spent lounging in the long grass with a picnic by the river and balmy evenings spent in good company with delicious food, or maybe I had them but they seem lost in my memory as the weeks have rolled by. I may have to dedicate the last bank holiday next weekend to the above, lets just hope the weather holds or there will be some rather soggy sandwiches to pretend to enjoy.

Having said that, I love watching the seasons change and I get that same excited back-to-school feeling every autumn and I have to stop myself running out to purchase some tan brogues and a new notebook. The end of the summer will see a few more lovely weddings for delightful V&T bride and grooms to be and the launch of the new website, so this may be the last post on this blog as it will have a new home this autumn. More to come soon...

Charlotte xx

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