Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Cornish Camellia

This time last week I was sulking my way home from Cornwall on the train, hot pasty clutched in my hand, trying desperately to savour the last days of my long weekend away in the Cornish sunshine. Ok so thats a bit of a lie, the pasty didn't make it past Plymouth, but I did sulk most of the way home and refused to answer any emails before I reached the city (I apologise if you were waiting for a reply, I was on 'cornish time').
The flowers are all from my mum's garden, arriving in an enamel bucket that had been driven all the way from Buckinghamshire - what a legend. The triple layer rose cake was made by my sister-in-law and travelled down with my parents. I love my family. 

I have spent my summers down there since I were a newborn, and have seen a good few autumn half terms there too, but I realised on this trip that I had never been in the spring - and what a haven it was! As a slightly nature-starved florist living in the city most of the time it was like I had died and gone to floral heaven; wild primrose in the orchard, soft pastel lilac bluebells lining the hedges, delicate flowering quince climbing up walls and the biggest camellia and rhododendron bushes I have ever seen in powder pink and clashing cerise. 

I lived in my dungarees, and LOVED it.

I ate picnics in the sunshine lounging under the rhododendron as drowsy bees drifted by, spent too much time with my head in camellia bushes, had clotted cream ice cream as I admired the tropical Lost Gardens of Heligan and I ate more fish and chips and pasties than one human being should. It is my heaven, and if you have never been then I suggest you pack a suitcase of breton stripes and get down there. (I got a bit giddy on the old Instagram so if you have seen these snaps before then I do apologise). 

The main reason for my stay was for the wedding of lovely friends Charlotte and Patrick, which celebrated everything to do with love, marriage and spring. Think milk churns full of sunny daffodils, pure white tulips and pretty little grape hyacinths - it was so seasonal, elegant and charming and I loved it. 

I captured the confetti moment on my polaroid camera - it is definitely one of my all time favourite polaroids.

I was straight back into work as I stepped off the train, with the Easter bank holiday including more painting (Oh Me Oh My have a lovely custard yellow sideboard coming their way this week! It looks better than it sounds I promise...), meetings with lovely brides about their big day flowers and pretty props and catching up with lots of admin. I did make sure I celebrated Easter by making an Easter bundt cake (and then stupidly leaving it at home whilst we visited family so I've pretty much eaten the entire thing myself) buying a new sweetpea plant in pastel pink for the herb garden and drinking a LOT of rose lemonade. I also struck lucky on Monday morning when I spotted a very healthy lilac tree and bought a few stems home with me to make a jar of lilac sugar. It was so easy and smells gorgeous, and I can't wait to use it for cakes, in tea or just to fling around the kitchen.

As I type I am peppering my keyboard with flakes of that custard yellow paint that hasn't quite rubbed off yet so I am thinking a long soak in the bath with my favourite rose tea bubble bath is next on the agenda - and then to bed to start all over again tomorrow!

Charlotte xx

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