Monday, 28 July 2014

Wedding season

Is the title of this post enough to explain my blogging absence recently?! When realising the date of my last post I had a stern word with myself for letting a whole month (and the rest) go by without writing. The sentence 'its wedding season!' has cropped up in far too many of my conversations this month, and my family and friends have graciously accepted it as an apology for not responding to their calls, falling asleep on the sofa mid sentence and burning the dinner.
Beautiful photography by Claire Penn

It has been glorious though. Summery flower crowns, milk churns overflowing with blooms and buttonholes made from entirely homegrown flowers and herbs have taken centre stage, and already the professional photos are being dropped in my inbox as a happy reminder. Delivering the bridal party flowers and presenting them to the bride has to be one of my favourite parts of my job; utterly nerve-wracking but absolutely worth it when she jumps out of her seat to throw her arms round you with joy! My vintage lace and ribbon supplies used to bind bouquets, crowns and buttonholes are running dangerously low but I am already looking forward to replenishing the basket as soon as I have a breather.

Beautiful photography (left) by Claire Penn 

Beautiful photography by Amy Faith

Whilst this heat wave is certain to bring an extra cause for worry to any wedding florist, I have absolutely loved July's sunny days and balmy nights, and it has felt like the summers of my childhood - at last a sunshine filled summer! Homegrown sweetpeas have filled the house with their sweet scent and fresh herbs and edible flowers have found their way into cool drinks and suppers. To top it off, I am heading back to my favourite place in the world next week, the beautiful Cornish coast. I will be resting my tired hands and eating more cream teas than one really should - perfect!

Before then however there are two more weddings, white french linen bunting to be cut and vintage ladies handkerchiefs to be sourced - all will be revealed soon...

Charlotte xx

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