Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy Hen

It is officially summer by my watch. I have had numerous ice lollies, worn floaty dresses with bare legs for the last week and the windows and doors have been permanently thrown open to let the summer air drift in. It is heaven.

It is an absolute joy to be a florist in these beautiful summer months, when the flower markets are jam packed with huge blowsy blooms in every colour and the sunshine brings even the most stubborn of tightly closed peonies to life. I adore summer weddings; the soft romantic hues of roses and delphiniums, long trestle tables covered in pretty tablecloths bowing under the weight of a wedding feast and the last light creating a golden glow over the happy bride and groom. On my work table I have the odd bee drifting in and resting for a while on fragrant lavender, the gentle evening breeze ruffling garden roses and a few accidentally snapped flower heads floating in bowls of cool water.

(Please note: the life of a florist isn't always such a breeze - someone please remind me of this blog post in December when I am crying into a bowl of soup, wearing 5 jumpers and still unable to feel my hands or toes...)

Floral arches, flowers crowns and birthday bouquets have featured so far this June, with vivid two-tone Vuvuzela roses stealing the show. A very special hen do took place this weekend where delicate floral crowns replaced the usual flashing headbands and fancy dress - the perfect way to treat an elegant bride-to-be! Bountiful birthday bouquets in bright corals and pinks have adorned tables set for afternoon tea, alongside pretty little jam jars tied with twine.

Romantic urns filled with cottage garden blooms have been created for Oh Me Oh My, sitting pretty on the bar area and in the marble entrance hall. Sister venue Leaf has also had a floral facelift, with galvanised tin buckets of more exotic blooms framing the bar and stage areas. The next project involves 30 mini hanging vases filled with flower heads suspended from branches above the long communal tables  - watch this space!

Charlotte xx

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