Thursday, 15 January 2015


I may be a little late in wishing you a happy new year, but I hope that is has been a calm and relaxed one for you so far. I wish mine had been a little more calm but with all the celebrations and moving house it seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye and here we are mid January already.

Indeed, Verity & Thyme officially has a new home! Moving from our city centre flat into a 150 year old Victorian terrace in Cheshire has been a huge move for me, and as a city dweller I craved the smells and sounds of the countryside regularly. I can't help but admire and appreciate the foliages and flowers as I explore my new local area and I already feel incredibly inspired for the year ahead. We also have a little garden in our new home where I plan to plant and nurture as much as I can to pop into bride's bouquets and vases in the coming year. My trusty old tin baths have also survived the move and I can now dedicate them entirely to the herbs and foliages for the same purpose - and there might even be enough left over to cook with afterwards!

With plenty of wonderful weddings on their way in Liverpool this year, I will still be happily taking on venues in Liverpool city centre and surrounding area, and I can now also branch out to lovely Cheshire brides too - a really exciting step for V&T. Don't hesitate to pop an email in my inbox if you are looking for your wedding florals or know someone who is.

In between unpacking boxes and moving furniture, I have had a lovely few weeks meeting lots of my delightful 2015 couples as we prepare for their big day in the coming year, and it has got me hankering for a change in weather and the soft pastels and sweet scents of spring. I got so desperate the other day I bundled my favourite powder pink hyacinths in an old jug with some garden cuttings and the smell is keeping me going through these long, cold nights we are facing. Its the little things...

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