Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pretty Little Paris

As some of you know (mainly because I can't stop talking about it) I visited the beautiful city of Paris earlier on in February, and fell in love with it all over again. I visited a few years ago as a student and was apprehensive of returning, fearing that it wouldn't be quite as special as I remembered. I was so very wrong...

The architecture of the city takes my breath away and my favourite part of the holiday was finding all the pretty little side streets and parks as we wondered down to the Seine, admiring the endless ornate balconies and front doors of the more residential areas. I have always been slightly too obsessed with the cool decor and beautiful natural light in parisian apartments from their huge airy windows (I may or may not have a Pinterest board solely full of such windows, which is weird I know) and I found us a lovely little apartment in the charming Montparnasse with an abundance of local bakeries nearby. I ate more pastries and baguettes than one should, and we had many charming dinners in local restaurants serving typical french fare which I still think about now.

On the Friday, on a last walk of the neighbourhood, we stumbled across the most beautiful florist shop I have ever seen in my life totally by accident. With flowers and plants spilling out onto the road in front, I ventured in only hoping the inside was as beautiful as its frontage. I was not disappointed.

It was sheer heaven, with low hung vintage chandeliers shedding a soft romantic light over beautiful blooms and the tinkling of french jazz in the background. Hydrangeas in soft dusky pink sat pretty in vintage urns next to masses of white garden roses and frilly lisianthus spilling over the top of their old zinc containers. Antique french doors split the shop into different areas containing flowers and various  homewares and vintage oil paintings were peeking out behind sprays of delicate blossom, draped with vintage lace and silk offcuts.

I managed to get a few photos but spent most of my time drinking in the elegance and sheer beauty of it all. All my loves under one roof, it was effortlessly romantic and it was perfect. The French know a thing or two about about creating beautiful spaces, and I never wanted to leave.

Returning home, have I dabbled with the idea of opening a Verity & Thyme shop? Indeed I have...

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